Skid Steer 86” Tiller

Skid Steer 86” Tiller

CAEL offers the highest quality heavy-duty skid steer 86” Tiller

Rotary Tiller tills soil for seedbed, planting preparation, and landscaping

Key Specifications

Hydraulic flow: 50-75 L/ min

Operating Pressure : 9- 14 Mpa

Rake width 1830mm

Rake length 613mm

G.W :368 kg

Price : 1950$


Skid Steer Breaker

CAEL offers the highest quality heavy-duty skid steer Breaker .

The hydraulic breaker gets hard jobs done with ease. With a 75 mm chisel this hammer is perfect for medium and bigger sized jobs including construction, demolition, excavating, and landscaping. An impact rate of 500-800 BPM and a moil point hammer make this model an excellent choice for breaking driveways, demolishing concrete structures, and digging holes.


Operating pressure: 11-14 MPA

Operating flow: 30-45 L/min

Rate: 500-800 BPM

Chisel diameter: 75mm

hose: 1/2

Suit: 6.0-9.0 Ton


Pallet Forks With 6 Ft. Forks

Pallet Fork

There are a lot of different pallet forks on the market today that claim to handle the heavy loads, but when it comes to those heavier loads, they don’t have the reach to pick them up. Well if you are a skid steer owner looking to pick up heavier loads while also having the reach to pick them up, look no further. now offers 6000 lb rated forks and frame with 72″ forks. The reach on these forks give you the ability to pick up such items as lawn mats without having them slide off. They also give you the ability to pick pallets from trailers with gates that dont allow for the weight of the skid steer on the gate itself.

These forks are meant for larger machines. We recommend lifting capacity to be a minimum of 5000 lbs. If you are interested in larger forks feel free to contact customer service with additional questions.