Storage Shelters

1. What kind of warranty do you offer on your storage shelters?

Answer: All of our storage shelters carry one-year manufacturer warranty that covers all manufacturing defects in materials when the product is used in normal conditions and in accordance with our assembly instructions.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • normal wear and tear
  • abusive use
  • accidents
  • negligence
  • poor maintenance

2. What is included in the box?

Answer: The box includes all parts you need in order to assemble the shelter except stake pegs.  We recommend customers to purchase appropriate stake pegs according to the type of ground the shelter will be built on.  Equipment and tools such as measuring tape, alignment string, step ladder, welder, sledge hammer, wrench and scissors arrant included.


Skid Steer Attachments

1. What size of snow pusher blade would you recommend for my John Deere skid steer?

Answer: Each manufacturer/model of skid steer or tractor has it’s unique transport width, also known as width over tires.  Search online to find the specification for your skid steer or tractor and select a blade size that matches the transport width.  Also make sure your skid steer or tractor has the horse power required to operate the blade.

2. What material is the blade cutting edge made of?

Answer: The cutting edge on our blades is made of strong steel.  Steel performs exceptionally well with hard-pack snow and ice.  It leaves the surface clean and clear.  Its wear-life generally lasts longer than other types of material.

3. What movement do your blades supports?

Answer: All of our blades support left and right angles using hydraulic mechanism.  The 84″ blade that is designed specifically as a snow plough can also ride over any solid obstructions on the ground surface with the use of 6 trip springs.


Party Tents

1. My tent got blown off by the wind.  Will your tents have the same problem?

Answer: Even a tent that is made of the strongest material will get blown off by the wind if not installed properly.  Make sure you use the appropriate tent stakes based on your ground condition.  A mistake commonly made is the direction of the tent stakes driven to the ground.