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10,000lb 4-Post Car Parking Lift

  • $4,149.00

Capital Automotive Equipment 4-Post Higher Parking Lift. This upgraded version of the parking lift is the ideal option if you want a parking lift with greater capacity and more lifting height.


-Lifting capacity: 4535kg (10,000 lbs)

-Lifting height: 2100 mm (82.6″)

-Min height: 150 mm (5.90″)

-Lifting time: 50 seconds

-Overall height: 2326  mm (91.5″)

-Overall width: 2845 mm (112.01″)

-Runway width: 750 mm (29.5″)

-Width between Runways: 965 mm (37.9″)

-Runway length: 4826 mm (190″)

-Distance between columns: 2515 mm (99.01″)

-Motor power: 2.2 KW

-Voltage: 110V/220V

-Weight 1200kg (2645.54 lbs)

Use it as a car stacker. Park your second vehicle under the deck and use it for storage or extra workspace. The automatic ladder locking system assures your safety.

Increases work and storage space. It’s an excellent choice for race teams, car collectors, and home garages! If you want to store a car while still using the area under it for a workspace or stow another vehicle under it, this configuration is your best bet.


  • 3 Drip Trays
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for Motor and Cylinder
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty for other parts

Other accessories such as center jacks are also available at the lowest cost.