CAEL-34T log splitter is a powerful kinetic splitter that can split wood up to ten times faster than any conventional hydraulic splitter. Dual 50 pound flywheels spinning at 450 RPM creat enough inertia to generate 34 tons of force splitting logs 24″ long and up to 28″ wide in under 3 seconds! This is equivalent to swinging a 100 lb splitting maul! Auto ram retraction leaves your hands free to re-load quickly. Easy to maintain and hassle free. No hydraulic pumps, valves, hoses, or oil to worry about.
Model :                                             CAEL-34T LOG SPLITTER
Power :                                             6.5hp gas engine
Diameter capacity                         28″
Length capacity                             24″
Cycle time                                       3 seconds
Wedge height                                 8″
Flywheel quantity                         2 pcs
Flywheel weight                            50 lbs
Flywheel speed                             450 RPM
Weight                                            472 lbs
Dimension                                     2110*840*970mm
Heavy duty steel work table
Two hands control for safety
Automatic ram retraction
Towable up to 20MPH
Baked on powder coat finish

Why Choose CAEL Log Splitters

• Our products are ergonomically designed for best handling and effective results
• State of the art machinery ensuring quick results
• Our hydraulic firewood machines are ISO 9001:2000 Certified
• We have expanded our export horizons and now cater to nations like America, South Africa, Australia, South America, South East Asia and European countries.

More Info About CAEL Log Splitters

• Control Valve: Auto Return with Ajustable Detent
• Hydraulic Oil Included: No include
• Remplacement Filters: Buit-in, Sealed, Return Filter, Suction Screen
• Hoses: High pressure w/wire braid; Coil-wrapped
• Beam: Heavy duty U-shape formed formed construction
• Wedge Size: 7-1/2″ / 190 mm
• Wedge Style: 2-way
• Rear Wheels: 4.80-8, DOT Approved 16″ O.D. Road Tires
• Hitch Coupler: 50mm Ball with Safety Chains
• Satety Chains: Standard
• Max Towing Speed: 45 mph / 72.4 kmh
• Hitch Handle: Standard
• Horizontal/Vertical Splitting: Standard
• Open Operating Zone: Standard
• Centrally Located Controls: Standard
• Wheel Fenders: No
• Log Cradle: Standard

What Is a Log Splitter?

Machines are here to make our task easy and effective; the log splitters are used for extracting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs from pre-cut pieces.

Log splitters are either manually operated or you have the option of motorized ones. However, using the manual one will require more labour and force. So, now most of the people opt for the motorized ones. These hydraulic pumps are either driven by electricity, or gasoline or diesel.

Although the log splitters are manufactured under stringent quality control conditions, only adults who are trained to use these splitters must work on it. Most of the hydraulic log splitters have two-handed operations for safety which means that the person using the hydraulic log splitter needs to use both his/her hands to operate the machine — thus giving more stability to the operator and the machine.

Shipping & Delivery

Capital Automotive Equipment Ltd goes to great lengths to ensure you receive your product on time and in the same condition as when it left our facilities. While we do not own the trucks the lifts are shipped in, you can be rest assured your lift is good hands once it leaves our warehouse.

When your transaction is being finalized you will be given the cost of the transportation fees to your business, residence or local terminal including fuel surcharge amounts. Trucking companies dictate what the current surcharge amounts are and are in no way handled by Capital Automotive Equipment.

Upon receipt of your order it is recommended that you carefully inspect your package for visible signs of damaged prior to signing the carriers bill of lading. Should there be damage caused by transportation please note it on the bill of lading and call us immediately in order for us to make a claim. Damage reports must be made to your customer service representative within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

Also, when receiving your order via a common carrier it must be noted the end-user is responsible for providing the necessary means of off-loading unless previously arranged. Freight companies do not off-load equipment at the end destination, nor do they wait for assemblies to be broken down and hand lifted from the truck. In the event of inability for the customer to off-load the equipment causing wait times or return trips service charges may apply.

It is also recommended that within 48 hours of receiving your lift you carefully verify that all goods are present in accordance with the materials listed in your manuals to ensure an easy, trouble free set-up. Missing parts claims should be reported within 48 hours.