7,716lb Double scissor car lift 3500 Kgs (MRSL77)

  • $2,699.00

The Capital Automotive MRSL-77 Quick-Lift is a portable 7,716 lb. capacity scissor lift. It is the perfect lift for quick service bays and tire service specialists that need extra lifting height. It easily lifts a 7,716 lb. car or truck to a comfortable working height without requiring the user to position arms under the lifting points of the vehicle. Just drive the vehicle over the scissor lift ramps, position the heavy-duty rubber blocks under the correct lifting points and you are ready to work. Set up is quick, easy, and minimizes the potential for damage to the underside of the vehicle.


Max Lifting Capacity3500 KG/ 7700 LBS
Max Lifting Height1000MM/ 39 in
Min. height110mm/ 4 in
Power Supply110V / 220V (optional)
Noise level<65dB
Working temperature5-55 degree C