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Alignment Scissor lift 4500 Kgs Truck Hoist car Hoist

  • $9,850.00

-In ground installation or above ground installation with optional drive on ramp

-long sliding plate and adjustable turntable positions accommodate deferent kinds of wheelbases

-pneumatic safety locking system

-The great planeness of runways is perfect for high accurate wheel aligning

-Extensible 2nd lifting platform

-self lubricated bushing and bearing


Model: SR-DZ45A

Max.lifting capacity : 4500 kg/9920.802 lbs

Lifting height: 1850mm/ 73 in

Min height: 380mm/ 15 in

jack length : 1500-1700mm/ 59-67 in

Jack 435mm/ 17 in

Lifting time : 60s

Platform length :4790mm/ 188.5 in

Platform width :600mm/ 23.6 in

Motor power 220v-2.2kw

Rated oil pressure 20Mpa

Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa


1 Year Manufacture Warranty for Motor and Cylinder

1 Year Manufacture Warranty for other parts