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Auto Body Frame Machine

  • $11,199.00

****Steel Plate Tilt Type****

*Exclusive Features*

Designed for full-frame/uni-body type vehicles

Tilt deck with 3,500kg(7,700lbs.) lifting capacity

Universal anchoring clamp with adjustable heights

Durable powder coat surface finish

Two towers with 10-ton hydraulics

Two air hydraulic foot-operated pumps

Complete tool board


**** Specification****


Working Capacity: 3,500 Kg/ 7700 LBS

Deck Height: 520mm/ 20.5 in

Deck Length: 5600mm/ 220.5 in

Tower Pulling Force: 98KN

Hydraulic Pressure: 70Mpa

Voltage : 220v

Net/ Gross Weight: 1145Kgs/ 1150Kgs (2525lbs/2535lbs)

870Kgs/ 900 Kgs (1918lbs/1984lbs)

Packing Size : 5600*2250*120mm (1PCS) (220.5*88.5*5 in)

2250*1450*570mm (1PCS) (88.5*57*22.5 in)