Skid Steer CAEL-35 with Wheels

  • $35,499.00

Introducing the CAEL 35 with Wheels, a powerful and versatile equipment designed to tackle various tasks with ease. Equipped with an LS Korea Engine, this machine delivers a robust performance with 50hp of power. It comes with several features to enhance your productivity and convenience.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Engine: LS Korean Engine 50hp / 35KW
  • Includes:  Hydraulic Pilot Control, opened cabin
  • Price: $ 35,499


  • Height at maximum extension: 3300mm
  • Height to bucket hinge pin: 2725mm
  • Width with bucket: 1400mm
  • Track width: 1080mm
  • Wheelbase: 897mm
  • Ground clearance: 140mm
  • Dump angle: 40°
  • Dumping height: 2050mm
  • Maximum reach: 790mm
  • Angle of departure: 20°
  • Engine Maker/Model: LS Korea Engine 50hp
  • Net Power: 37Kw/2500rpm
  • Rated operating capacity (kg): 500
  • Tipping load (kg): 1000
  • Bucket capacity (m³): 0.3
  • Operating weight (kg): 2200
  • Max. travel speed (km/h): 10
  • Hydraulic pump flow (L/min): 60
  • Fuel tank capacity (L): 60
  • Tires: 8.5-15
  • Overall dimensions (mm): 2950×1350×2000

Customization Options (Additional Charges):

  • Low temperature cold start : 600$
  • Air conditioning 1400$
  • Heat 500$

Contact us today to learn more about the CAEL 35 and how it can enhance your productivity. Our team is ready to assist you and provide further details to help you make an informed decision.

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