CAEL’s 7′ Round Top Mobile Food Cart

  • $6,999.00

Elevate your mobile culinary venture with CAEL’s versatile 7′ Round Top Food Cart. Unleashing a spectrum of vibrant colors, our carts blend style with functionality, offering you the perfect recipe for success on wheels.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Construction:
    • Quality-built mobile trailers designed for longevity.
  2. Convenient Design:
    • Single sink for added versatility.
    • Outlet for electrical appliances.
    • Hanging shelf for efficient storage.
  3. Customization Options:
    • Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to suit your brand.
    • Identification plate for a personalized touch.
    • Door stopper for ease of use.
  4. Stability and Safety:
    • Jacks for added stability during operations.
    • Anti-skid floor ensures a secure workspace.
  5. Lighting and Connectivity:
    • Tail light connector for enhanced visibility.
    • Aviation plug for secure electrical connections.
    • LED saving light strip for efficient illumination.
  6. Utility and Functionality:
    • Traction plate with support wheel for easy mobility.
    • Electric panel for control and power management.
  7. Storage and Accessibility:
    • Stainless steel 201 sliding door cupboard for secure storage.
    • Circuit breaker for electrical safety.

Food Cart Specifications:

  • Size: 5’7”W x 7’5”L x 6’8”H
  • Weight: 350kg


  1. Stainless Steel Working Tables and Cabinets:
    • Includes sliding doors for easy access and storage.
  2. Double Sink: 
    • Equipped with hot and cold water taps.
    • On/off control by switch for convenience.
  3. Water System:
    • Freshwater tank and a waste water tank.
  4. Non-Slip Flooring:
    • Aluminum flooring with drain, ensuring easy cleaning.
  5. Cashier’s Drawer and Gas Cylinder:
    • Includes a dedicated space for cashier transactions.
    • Stainless steel gas cylinder for safety.
  6. Selling Window:
    • Positioned in the front for efficient customer service.
  7. Tail Light Signal System:
    • High visibility for enhanced safety.
  8. Electric Lighting Device:
    • Includes a distribution box, multi-function sockets, switches.
    • Waterproof outside socket with a plug for power supply or generator.
  9. Stability Features:
    • Four jacks on the chassis to keep the cart stable when standing.
  10. Customization Options:
    • Special orders accepted.
    • Customize the color of the trailer using any color from the RAL color card.
    • Personalize the external appearance with stickers or other options.

Inside Kitchen Equipment (Customizable):

  • Functionality can be tailored according to your specific requirements.
  • Options include ice cream machines, coffee makers, juice machines, fryers, snack equipment, ice shavers, boilers, grilled sausage machines, steamed dumplings equipment, popcorn machines, and more.

Elevate your mobile food business with our versatile and customizable food cart – designed for efficiency, convenience, and personalized style!