CAEL Pod House – (13′ x 7′)

  • $9,999.00

Our modular space solutions offer versatile applications for both private and commercial needs. With a focus on modern design and high quality, these fully finished prefab units are easy to install, removable, and feature heat insulation, soundproofing, and shock resistance for durability. Whether you’re enhancing your garden mountain retreat or upgrading your hotel, restaurant, office, shop, or gym, our units prioritize comfort and convenience.


-sturdy structure: overall moulding, seismic resistant wind and waterproof, corrosion prevention and rust prevention

– thermal insulation: convenient installation of wind and earthquake resistance thermal insulation

-strong adaptability: beautiful appearance, reasonable design, strong bearing capacity and stable structure

-easy to connect freshwater, 110v  and sewage to the septic tank.



External materials: The exterior components comprise aluminum composite panels, single-coated white fluorocarbon aluminum sheets, double-layer lightweight and high-strength windows with bridge-cut aluminum alloy doors.

Internal materials: For the interior, we utilize wood-plastic plain grain gusset plates and eco-friendly EO-grade ecological boards.


1. Maintaining a clean work area is crucial for safety, as cluttered spaces are more prone to accidents and injuries.

2. Ensure that children are kept at a safe distance, prioritizing your personal safety at all times.

3. Proper assembly, as outlined in our assembly manual, simplifies the process and minimizes the risk of errors. Avoid improper assembly, which may lead to unnecessary mistakes.

4.Exercise caution in the event of potential windy conditions; if this is a concern, secure the base in concrete. Be sure to remove the cover during a hurricane to prevent damage.

5. Timely snow removal is essential; do not allow snow to accumulate for extended periods as it can pose risks.

6.Exercise caution around power and heat sources, avoiding their proximity to the tarpaulin, and never expose it to open flames. Your safety is of utmost importance.


Pod House – 13FTSize: L 233.86 inches * W 88.19 inches * H 92.91 inchesWashroom with shower +

Side push out window+

bedside cupboard + Top spotlight + Sliding Bed + Basin