CAEL Skid Steer Post Driver

  • $3,199.00

The CAEL skid steer post driver revolutionizes post installation with effortless efficiency. With its 300 lb. hammer boasting a 40″ stroke and cycling up to 35 times per minute, it handles everything from t-posts to rail-road ties, turning post-driving into a one-person job when added to your skid steer. Say goodbye to back-breaking work; this attachment makes it a breeze. Whether you’re a landscaper, highway scraper, fencing company, or municipality, this attachment is a game-changer.

Key Features:

Effortless post driving

Safe, precise vibration-based installation

Compatible with wood or steel posts

Ideal for rental applications with user-friendly operation

Heavy-duty 3/4″ thickness mounting plate

Includes standard Plumb Bob Chain and Depth Gauge for accurate post installation

Equipped with a standard Post Puller Chain for easy removal of unwanted posts