CAEL Skid Steer Rotary Box Broom Sweeper

  • $2,699.00

CAEL Skid Steer Rotary Box Broom Sweeper is an essential tool for construction, industrial, and cleanup projects. Its user-friendly design allows easy installation and operation, providing efficient access to walls, obstacles, and curbs. This versatile attachment effectively picks up dirt, debris, rocks, and asphalt millings with its powerful sweeping action, ensuring a thorough cleanup. Designed for reliability, it is a must-have for any construction site, warehouse, or industrial facility, offering convenient transport and disposal of collected materials.


Product Dimension4.23’*6.99’*1.97′
Product Weight450kg/990lbs
Product MaterialQ345 Steel
Hydraulic Motor Power13HP
Hydraulic Motor Flow50L per min
Hydraulic Motor Pressure20MPa
Surface Treatment TechnologyPlastic Powder Coating
Working Width72.05″
Working Rotation Speed380RPM
Brush Diameter21.65″
Brush Core Diameter0.08″


Packaging Details: 

Package SizePackage Weight
87.8″ x 52.36″ x 30.71″500kg/1100lbs