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Overall width: 640.0 mm, (US) 2.10 ft
Weight: 325.0 kg, (US) 715.0 lb
Overall height: 1600.0 mm, (US) 5.25 ft
Overall length: 1900.0 mm, (US) 6.25 ft
Blades: Weight: 600.0 g, (US) 21.16 oz
Transmission: V Belts, (US) V Belts
Working Efficiency: 6-7 m3/h, (US) 19.70-23.0 sq ft/h
Cutting System: Chipping drum with 2 blades + 1 fixed blade, (US) Chipping drum with 2 blades + 1 fixed blade
Chipped material size range: 5.0 – 15.0 mm, (US) 0.20 – 0.60 in
Transmission V-Belts quantity: 2, (US) 2
Transmission V-Belts sizes: 17×1041, (US) 17×1041
Safety System: Emergency button, (US) Emergency button
Blades: Sizes: 300.0*55.0 mm, (US) 11.81*2.16 in
Outlet Tube Sizes: 130.0*130.0 mm / 360°, (US) 5.12*5.12 in / 360°
Maximum cutting diameter: 80.0 – 100.0 mm, (US) 3.00 in
Engine: RATO 420cc + RATO 196cc, (US) RATO 420cc + RATO 196cc
Starter: E-start and Pull cord, (US) E-start and Pull cord
Cutting inlet sizes: 300.0*140.0 mm, (US) 11.81*5.50 in
Outlet hight: 1550.0 mm, (US) 5.08 ft
Fuel consumption: 1 l/h, (US) 1 l/h
Packing sizes: 1700.0*1000.0*1600.0 mm, (US) 5.58*3.28*5.25 ft

RATO 420cc, 15.0 hp on petrol

Electric key start

Starter rope

Anti-shock clutch

Oil levels ok

RATO 196cc, 6.5 HP petrol engine. Oil levels ok.

Enlarged gearbox, reliable and precise.

3-speed forward + 1 reverse gearbox.

Parking brakes: attached to the gearbox.

The anti-shock clutch with floating masses facilitates cold starting and in the event of jamming or the introduction of foreign bodies, it prevents breakage of the motor shaft.


Suitable for gardeners and contractors, it reaches any area: woods, terraces, etc.

It is easily discharged from the van in total autonomy.

Included: Steel box with 300kg capacity, to make it a wheelbarrow.