CAEL Cattle Squeeze Chute Manual Headgate

  • $5,899.00

CAEL Cattle Squeeze Chute Manual Headgate is the perfect tool for herding your animals from one location to another. It is designed with parallel panels or fences that are just wide enough for one animal to walk through without being able to turn around. This ensures that your cattle, pigs, sheep, and other animals remain calm and comfortable during the herding process. It is a must-have tool for any farmer or rancher looking to move their animals quickly and safely. Get yours today and start herding with ease!



Portable/permanent corral panels for cattle and horses, built to withstand years of use.

Heavy gauge 7 bar design with super-strong center brace support in the middle designed to take the pressure.

Hookups are attached for easy set-up and tear down.

Cattle head squeeze and back pipe to avoid cattle to move.

Bearing slides make the front and back doors open easily.

Side door designed to do other work for the cattle.

Smooth welds and hot-dipped galvanized after manufacture offer extreme durability.


Product Dimension2680mm*1050mm*2100mm/8.8’*3.4‘*6.9′
Entry RangeMinimum: 110mm/4.33’’

Maximum: 750mm/29.5’’

Channel RangeMinimum: 450mm/17.7’’

Maximum: 750mm/29.5’’

Frame MaterialSteel
Surface Treatment TechnologyPlastic powder Coating