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CAEL Dumper Insert 6000LBS 6FT

  • $3,999.00

Revolutionize Your Heavy Hauls with the Ultimate 6000lbs Dumper


Available in 6ft  configurations, catering to your specific needs.

Experience Lightning-fast Performance: Effortlessly cycle up, even when loaded, in just 30 seconds.

Achieve the Perfect Discharge: Boasting an impressive 48-degree dump angle for swift and precise unloading.

Engineered for Endurance: Crafted with robust 2mm side steel and resilient 3mm deck steel, ensuring longevity even in rugged conditions.

Unleash the Power: Driven by your vehicle’s 12V battery, guaranteeing a reliable and convenient energy source.

Simplified Upkeep: Featuring thread-in grease fittings strategically placed on pivots, making maintenance a breeze.

Nationwide Reach: Wherever you are in Canada, take advantage of our dependable nationwide delivery.

Elevate your hauling game today with the power-packed 6000lbs Dumper Insert!