Mini Excavator 4 ton Kubota/Yanmar engine with cab

  • $34,999.00



Track width: 11.8″

Track length: 85.6″

Min ground clearance: 21.9 ”

Boom length: 94.4″

Working Range

Max.Digging Height: 14.3 feet

Max.Dumping Height: 10 feet

Max.Digging Depth: 8.3 feet

Max.Digging radius: 15.1 feet

Minimum turning radius: 5.9 feet

Maximum digging depth of bulldozer blade: 10.5″

Min Tail swing radius: 3.8 feet

Power System

Engine: Kubota

rated power: 19.6KW

cooling method: water cooling

Hydraulic System

Operating Pressure: 22 MPA

Maximum flow: 99L/min

Travel motor: 2 speed

Performance Parameters

Bucket capacity: 0.16m³

Climbing ability: 35°

Travel speed: 2.2-4.3KM/h

Swing speed: 8-10r/min

fuel tank capacity: 22L



4 ton excavator manual