Forklift all terrain 4T

  • $37,999.00

Forklift all terrain 4T

Overall Operating Weight: 5400kg/11905

Transport Dimension(L*W*H): 4700*2000*2850mm/185*78*112in

Wheel Base: 2260mm/88in

Axle Track Width: 1750mm/68in

Min. Turning Radius: 4500mm/177in

Min Ground clearance: 300mm/11in

Max Speed: 35km/hr

Max. Lifting Capacity: 4000kg/8818lbs

Max. Lifting Height: 3000mm/118in

Mast/Fork Length: 1220mm/48in

Mast/Fork Carriage Tilt Forwar: 12°

Mast/Fork Carriage Tilt Backwa: 6°

Max. Lifting Speed: 0.6m/s

Max. Descent Speed: 0.55m/s

Brand: Kohler 2504

Rated Power: 55KW

Emission Standards: EPA

Tyre Model (Front & Rear) : 16/70-20

Axle Model: Customized medium wheel side axle

Drive Model: 4X4 (All-Wheel Drive)

Model: YJ265

Parking Brake: Air brake

Standard configuration: Side shift/Luxury cabin/Air condition


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