Cael Mini Wheel Dumper is a vertical shaft gasoline engine powered 4*4 wheel dumper, with 4F+1F driven mechanical transmission, the left & right unilateral brake helps the steering.
The Max. loading capacity is 250kgs. The dumper tipping bucket thickness is 3mm, suitable for various conditions for loading stones and bricks, wood, crops and fruits. More Specification:
Dimensions: 1330*770*1060mm / Weight: 119 kgs
Capacity: 0.2 m³ / Tyre Pressure: 30

We produce Mini wheel dumpers with the capacity ranging from 250 kgs to 800 kgs. Our mini dumpers are vertical shaft machines powered by gasoline engines.

The power wheel barrows with hydraulic transmission comes with 4 x 4 wheels whereas the mini dumper with comes with 4F + 1R mechanical transmission and the left and right unilateral brakes which supports the steering.

Mini Dumpers Application:
This multi-faceted machine can be put to use for variegated purposes like transport of : Sand, Salt, Gravel, Garden waste, Building materials, Stones and bricks, Wood, Crops, and fruits etc.

The compact size makes this Power Carts pass through even the narrow gates . Our mini dumper is approximately 77 and 106 cm.

250kg Capacity
The high load capacity makes it easy for you to transport a huge quantity materials thus making it easy for you to move products with ease. This Power Wheelbarrow can haul large number of materials like a pro without giving you any strain.

3mm Thickness
The tipping bucket of the Gasoline engine Power Wheelbarrow has a thickness of 3mm and is made up of high-quality steel. The thickness of the dumper makes it suitable for loading heavy loads like stones and bricks, wood, crops and fruits etc.

0.2 CBM Material
To make this Mini wheel transporter work efficiently as per your requirement , our Mini wheel transporter can easily transport 0.2 CBM materials in one time. The ergonomically designed dumper takes all the load leaving minimum pressure on you while using them in transportation.

5.5HP Engines
Cael  mini wheel barrow is powered by Commercial grade 5.5HP gasoline engine and you have the opportunity to choose the engines from the likes of Honda, B&S or Loncin.

20º Slope Climb
The Garden mini wheel barrow can climb a 20º slope fully loaded. It comes with rubber tracks which ensures firm grip thus making it easy for you to carry this machine easily on the slope.

Shipping & Delivery

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