25KW Generator Power Diesel (Perkins) Engine

  • $17,499.00

Model: 20KW/ 20KVA Power Diesel Generator (Perkins Engine) – Voltage Options

Dimensions/ Weight: 2280*950*1410
Voltage Options:

Customization options for Voltage: (120/ 240V) (208/420V) (480/277V) (600/347V)

Perkins Engine Technical Data

Model: Perkins 404D-22TG
Power Output:
– Gross Mechanical Output: 25-33 kWm
– Typical Electrical Output: 27-36 kVA (22-29 kWe)
– Rated Speed: 1500/1800 rpm
Typical Electrical Output:
– 60 Hz:
– Prime: 26.3 kWe
– Standby: 29 kWe
Emission Standards:
– EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 4 interim
General Specifications:
– Number of Cylinders: 4 inline
– Bore: 84 mm
– Stroke: 100 mm
– Displacement: 2.2 l
– Compression Ratio: 23.3:1
– Aspiration: Turbocharged
– Combustion System: Indirect injection
– Rotation from Flywheel End: Anti-clockwise
– Cooling System: Liquid
– Aftertreatment: N/A
– Typical Alternator Efficiency: 88-89%
– Switchable: Yes
Electropak Dimensions:
– Length: 973 mm
– Width: 590 mm
– Height: 973 mm
– Dry Weight: 242 kg
– Final dimensions dependent on selected options
– ESE (1800 rpm) only – Emergency Stationary Equipment

Stamford Alternator Technical Data:

Alternator Model: WT164F
Approval: CSA Approved
Power: 25 kW
Frequency/Speed: 60Hz/1800rpm
Excitation System:
Exciter Type: Brushless
Electrical Characteristics:
Power Factor: 0.8
Voltage Adjust Range: ≥5%
Voltage Regulation (NL-FL): ≤+0.5%

Insulation Grade: H
Protection Grade: IP23
Operational Details:
Phase: 1

Included Features

Advanced Remote WiFi Controller
Next-gen Brushless Stamford CSA Approved Alternator
Built-in Oil/Coolant Heater for engine longevity and cold start prevention
Silent Soundproof Weather Protection Canopy/Enclosure
Electronic Speed Governor
Base Fuel Tank included
Designed for Prime Power applications
Prime Power: Delivers continuous electrical supply under variable loads with no limitations on yearly operational hours. Capable of providing 10% overload power for 1 hour in every 12.
Standby Power: Ensures uninterrupted electrical supply during utility power outages, without allowance for overloading.
Testing Protocol: Each CAEL generator undergoes a thorough testing regime, including load assessments at 50%, 75%, 100%, and 110%, verifying all control and safety shutdown functions.
12V DC Start Motor: Incorporates a 12V start motor for efficient ignition.
High-Performance Batteries: Comes equipped with maintenance-free lead-acid starting batteries for reliable performance.
Industrial-Grade Silencer: Features an industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose for noise reduction.
Compliance: Engineered to adhere to ISO8528/GB2820 standards.

The CAEL control module provides digital displays for:
Generator voltage
Output frequency
Engine speed
Battery voltage
Engine running hours
It also features indicators for failure notifications, including:
Emergency stop
Low oil pressure
High water temperature
Failure to start
Battery charger malfunction
Automatic shutdown is activated in case of:
Low engine oil pressure
High engine water temperature
Failure to start after three attempts
Warranty: Parts covered for 1 year or 1000 hours with guidance provided.
CAEL generators provide complete power generation solutions, ensuring optimal performance, dependability, and versatility for standby and primary power requirements.
Driven by a CAEL Certified Diesel Engine, Stamford CSA Approved Alternator, and SmartGen Control Panel.