Greenhouse Tent w/6 Mil EVA (33x80x15)

  • $7,523.00


  • Durable, warm year-round protection for your seedlings, flowers, herbs and other plant life that can be used personally or professionally
  • Galvanized steel frame provides a sturdy construction that is rust resistant and corrosion free for long lasting, all-weather protection
  • 6 mil EVA plastic film cover that diffuses direct sunlight through to store solar energy inside keeping your plants warm and happy
  • No need for artificial lighting because of the covers light permeability; save money with natural growing conditions over time
  • Hand crank roll-up sides (both sides) allow for adjustable ventilation and humidity so you can create optimal growing conditions year-round
  • Bi-parting swing doors on both ends give you spacious openings to transport new additions, materials, tools and landscaping carts in and out
  • Steel tubing constructed end frame for front and rear arches as well as wiggle wires to secure the film in aluminum lock channel
  • Product Size (Ft)Frame & Cover MaterialsG/N.W (Kg/Unit)
    33*80*15Frame: Hot galvanized Steel Tube
    48×1.4mm for arches
    32×1.5mm for purlins
    Fabric: EVA 6mil transparent film
    17 Groups of arches
    7 groups of Purlins
    Arch spacing: 1.5M
    Door Size: W1.1xH2M
    1490/1360 Kg