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Heavy Duty Wireless Semi Truck Lift 22T (44,000lbs )

  • $31,199.00

*** Specification ****

Max. Lifting Capacity: 5.5 T & 7.5T & 6T /column

Lifting Height : 1650mm / 64.9 in

Column height: 2250mm / 88.5 in

Lifting time : 75 seconds

Lifting system :Hydraulic

Control voltage : DC 24V

Batter capacity : 100AH

Voltage : 220V/3 phase/60hz

Packaging: 730kg/column (wireless) (1653LBS)

** Features**

1.Operate the lifts anytime & anywhere

2.LCD Screen display

3.Real-time lifting height

4.Automatic stop when highest point is reached 5.Throttle valve & mechanical lock

6.Automatic stop when either column has 50mm (1.9in) height 7.Adjustable tire support arm