Hot Pressure Washer with Water Tank

  • $4,200.00


For commercial cleaners, municipalities, construction sites, farms, and hotels, this Cael Hot Water Pressure Washer with Water Tank is the ideal option. This industrial-grade pressure washer with a forceful 4000 PSI is made to remove difficult stains, dirt, and oil. You may be confident you have the ability to blast away the toughest filth and debris because it is driven by a petrol engine and heated by diesel. This pressure washer is the ideal tool for any job since it automatically shuts off the motor and pump when the trigger gun is closed and has a high-pressure trigger gun with no holding force for fatigue-free use. This Cael Hot Water Pressure Washer with Water Tank will provide you the strength and performance you require!


  • •Maximum PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure): 4000
  • •Commercial / Residential: Commercial
  • •Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): 1.7
  • •Engine oil capacity (gallons): 0.30
  • •Flow rate: 18LPM / 4.8GPM
  • •Water Tank Capacity: 1.65m³
  • •Diesel tank capacity: 22L
  • •Water temperature regulation range(°F): 122-194
  • •Engine usage life: 5 years
  • •Pressure regulation range(Bar/Mpa): 50-250


  • •Diesel heated and gasoline powered
  • •Automatic switch-off of motor and pump when the trigger gun is closed
  • •High-pressure trigger gun with zero holding force for fatigue-free operation
  • •Robust, long-lasting quick-release lock
  • •High-pressure hose with rotatable connectors
  • •5 quick connect nozzles, Pressure switch control, Dry running protection
  • •Recommended maximum duration of use in 5 hours/day
  • •Applications: Car, Equipment and machinery cleaning, Decking, Driveway, Grill, Paint Preparation, Patio Furniture, Siding, Window, •workshop, outdoor areas, service station cleaning, swimming pool, sport facilities, production systems

Packaging size 

  • L*W*H (inch): 85*43*43
  • Weight (lb): 684