Iron Fence kit ( 150 FT ) with driveway gate

  • $7,699.00

The Cael Iron Fence and Driveway Gates is the perfect addition to your home. Not only does it add a touch of luxury and romance to your property, it also provides a practical barrier to keep your space safe and secure. The iron Fence  is both ductile and durable, making it a great investment for your home. The gate is also affordable and high quality, so you know you’re getting a great product. With Cael Iron Fence and Driveway Gates, you can easily separate your private space from the outside world and make your property look more beautiful and inviting. It’s the perfect choice for homeowners, landscapers, masons, gardeners, and swimming pool builders. Invest in Cael Iron Fence and Driveway Gates and add value and curb appeal to your property.


  • # of fence: 20
  • # of gate: 1
  • # of Fence Posts w/Rounded Tops: 19
  • # of Large Fence Posts w/Rounded Tops: 2
  • Fence Panel Length: 96’’
  • Fence Panel Height: 79’’
  • Gate Length: 14’’
  • Gate Height: 91’’
  • Actual Picket Thickness 0.079’’
  • Actual Picket Length 2.4’’
  • Actual Picket Width 2.4’’
  • Composition: Steel
  • Coverage Area: 603 ft2



  • Assorted Hardware
  • Wrought Iron Style
  • 14′ Steel Gate w/Outdoor & Deer Motif




Highest Height2340mm/92’’2340mm/92’’
Lowest Height1860mm/73’’1860mm/73’’
Product Weight138kg/304lbs165kg/364lbs
Product materialGalvanized SteelGalvanized Steel
Frame Finishing TreatmentPowder CoatedPowder Coated


Product Dimension2400mm*40mm*2030mm/7.87’*1.57’’*6.66′
Frame MaterialSteel
Surface Treatment TechnologyPlastic Powder Coating