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Electric Reach Truck seated or stand on 2T, height 4M

  • $19,050.00

– capacity: 2T (4400LBS0
– Load center:500 mm Maximum
– lifting height :4M (13FT1)
– Reach Distance:550mm
– Weight (without battery): 2340kg
– Overall length of frame(mast no reach): 1780mm
– Overall length (mast no reach):2350mm
– Overall length (mast reach):2860mm
– Overall width of frame:1035mm
– Overhead guard height:2180mm
– Mast lowered height:2200mm
– Fork length:1070mm
– Fork width:100mm
– Fork lowered height:55mm
– Turning radius:1710mm Min intersecting aisle width:2610mm
– Drive motor type :AC motor Rated output:1.5kw
– Hoist motor type: DC motor Rated output:3kw
– Battery :24V/270Ah
– 110V charger