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Mini Skid Steer with Kohler Engine

  • $14,999.00

Mini kid steer rated power: 23hp/17kw

Rotating speed: 3600pm

Mini skid steer rated loading: 350kgs

Skid steer Max. lift: 350kgs

Bucket Capcity: 0.15ms

Max. travel speed: 6km/h; 3.7m/h

Skid steer operating weight: 870kgs

System pressure: 17mpa

Skid steer arm lift time: 4s

Skid steer tipping bucket time: 1.2s

Landing time: 3s

Fuel tank capacity: 25L

Engine displacement: 625ml

The Max. working height: 2435mm/96ins

Max. hinge pin height: 1897mm/75ins

Biggest unloading height: 1498mm/59ins

Dumping reach: 612mm/24ins

Rollback of bucket on the ground(°): 26

Rollback of bucket full height (°): 114

Angle of departure(°): 25

Dumping angle at Max. height(*): 33.7

Mini skid steer loader total height: 1355mm/53ins

Ground clearance: 92mm/3.6ins

Wheel base: 720mm/28.3ins

Overall length with bucket: 2170mm/85.4ins

Length without bucket: 1740mm/68.5ins

Mini skid steer total width: 830mm/32.6ins