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CAEL Mobile Home | Portable House 15×20

Introducing the CAEL Mobile Home | Portable House 15×20 Expandable Prefabricated House – Your Ultimate Solution for Portable Accommodation and Office Space!

  1. Smart Expandable Design: With a compact base size of 15x20FT, our mobile house ingeniously expands to provide ample room. It’s perfect for those seeking temporary accommodation or a mobile office space, adapting to your needs.
  2. Integrated Bathroom: Bid farewell to inconvenient bathroom trips! Our mobile house features a thoughtfully integrated toilet, ensuring you have all your essential amenities right at your fingertips.
  3. Seamless Mobility: Designed with frequent travelers in mind, this mobile house effortlessly moves with you. Whether your lifestyle involves constant travel or work-related relocations, the CAEL Mobile House is your reliable companion.
  4. Effortless Assembly: Complex setups are a thing of the past! Our mobile house assembles quickly and easily, saving you precious time and effort. Enjoy a hassle-free living or working space wherever you go.
  5. Diverse Size Options: In addition to the 15x20FT model, we proudly offer a range of sizes, including 16x20FT and 19x20FT, all complete with integrated toilets. Select the size that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Key Features:

  • Demountable & Movable
  • Luxurious Interior Design
  • Swift & Economical
  • Security & Locking Mechanism
  • Free Shipping & Competitive Pricing
Product Dimension 5965mm*5050mm*2530mm/19.57’*16.57’*8.3′
Product Weight 2650kg/5830lbs
Indoor Area 24.9m2/267.92ft2
Indoor Height 2270mm/7.45′
Door Size 1990mm*1000mm/6.53’*3.28′
Window Size 500mm*690mm/1.64’*2.26′


Frame material Steel
Wall material EPS
Floor material Melamine and PVC Vinyl
Ceiling material EPS
Pipe material Inlet: PPR

Outlet: PPR

Electricity facilities Exhaust Fan
Bathroom equipment Toilet, Shower Head, Sink with Cabinet and Mirror


Package Size Package Weight
5.95m*0.76m*2.57m/19.52’*2.49’*8.43′ 2650kg/5830lbs