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Parking Lift German Design 8818.49 LBS Capacity (4000 Kgs)

  • $3,299.00



Lifting Capacity : 8818.49 lbs

Lifting Height : 78.7”

Platform width :74.2”

Overall height: 90.98” / 7.58ft

Middle of Runway : 3 ea plastic oil tray

Lock Release : Manual unlock by keep pushing the handle during descent period

Rise/Drop Time. : 70 S / 60 S

Power Supply /Motor Capacity : 110 V/220v , 60 Hz , 1 Ph, 2.2 Kw





Multiple-use parking lift to double your car space.

Hydraulic cylinder with steel ropes & sheaves lifting system.

Safety locks engage automatically inside holes during lifting UP

Limit switch fixed on post to control lifting height.

3 ea Movable oil trays. Compatible optional steel diamond plates.

Guide rail in the middle is compatible to optional accessories like rolling jack with wheels.

Compatible optional caster to be portable.

Anti-falling mechanical locks in four posts at different heights to ensure utmost safety.

Does Not come with castor wheels, jack tray or Hydraulic Jack . (Can purchase separately).