Peak Shape Double Truss 40′ Wide 23′ Height

PVC 500g

60′ Length 500g$16099
80′ Length 500g$18699
100′ Length 500g$23899


PVC 650g

60′ Length 650g$18099
80′ Length 650g$20699
100′ Length 650g$25899


PVC 900g

60′ Length 900g$19099
80′ Length 900g$21699
100′ Length 900g$26899


Freestanding Design: Offers flexible placement options.

Durable Construction: Utilizes commercial-grade galvanized steel tubes.

Weatherproof: 100% waterproof, fire retardant, and UV resistant.

Easy Assembly: Simple installation, likely with clear instructions.

Certified Quality: CSA/TUV Snow Rating Test Report and SGS fabric Certificate.

Type: Prefabricated Building.



Introducing our high-performance structure designed to excel in your regional conditions. This versatile solution effortlessly meets seismic, snow, and wind load requirements and is backed by comprehensive liability insurance for your peace of mind.


It’s crucial to ensure the roof fabric is tightly secured to prevent any sagging or “hammocks.” Re-tightening may be required once or twice after a few months of use, especially during cold weather (autumn and winter) when the fabric can become stiff. Subsequent exposure to sunlight and warm weather can cause the fabric to become slack, necessitating re-tightening before the next winter season.

Additionally, it is the owner’s responsibility to promptly remove snow from the roof, either by sliding it off or through other means, to prevent excessive stress on the structure.



Highest Height: 23′

Wall Height: 11.5′

Frame Material: Galvanized Steel

Cover Material: PVC

Main Arch Tube Diameter 60mm/2.36″

Main Arch Tube Thickness 1.5mm/0.06″

Main Arch Space: 3.5m/10′

Purlin Tube Diameter: 2.36″

Purlin Tube Thickness: 0.06″

Door Size: 18’*16′


Warranty and Installation

The warranty for all customer-installed shelters is limited solely to parts failure.

Shelters are not covered by the warranty in cases of high winds or heavy snow loads. It is the customer’s responsibility to proactively prevent these conditions from causing structural failure. Comprehensive guidelines for these conditions and care are provided in our installation instructions.

The proper installation of a shelter plays a crucial role in its ability to withstand high winds and heavy snow. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines may result in structural failure during severe weather conditions.

If you have any uncertainties regarding the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance and guidance.

To prevent potential issues with wind and snow, it is essential to conduct semi-annual inspections of the shelter. Ensure that any loose straps or tension wires are tightened during these inspections to maintain the shelter’s integrity.


Life span for PVC fabric weight:

500g – 5 to 9 years

650g – 6 to 10 years

900g – 8 to 14 years