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Rough Terrain outdoor forklift 5T (11023 lbs) Cummins diesel engine with side shift

  • $51,999.00

Brand new 2023 Rough Terrain forklift 5T (11023 lbs ) Cummins diesel engine with side shift heat and fan option are included EPA certified at the lowest price in the market all over Canada and USA 100% customers satisfaction

*** Specification ***

No Fork Length: 4500/4680 mm

With Fork Length: 6000/6200 mm

Width: 2080 mm

Height of the mast: 2800/2800 mm

Height of the cab: 2950/2950 mm

Full Height when max lifting: 4500/4500 mm

Ground clearance: 260/300 mm

Mac Lifting Height: 4500/4500 mm

Max Speed: 30/30 mm

Tipping Load: 4000/5000 mm