CAEL Single Door Cooler 21″x21″x69″ (SDC-01)

  • $999.00

Elevate your cooling solutions with CAEL’s premium selection of single-door coolers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive top-tier glass door Fridges and Freezers, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of various industries. From bustling restaurant kitchens to bustling factory floors, artisanal bakeries to dynamic delis, cozy cafes to thriving butcher shops, and vibrant pubs to lively bars, CAEL offers an extensive range of high-quality cooling equipment at wholesale prices.

CAEL offers the highest quality and wholesale prices of glass door Fridge and Freezers For Restaurant Kitchens, Factory and Manufacturing, Bakery and Deli, Cafes, and Butcher Shops , Pubs and Bars

Material:Stainless steel
Power Source:Electric
Refrigeration method: Direct cooling

Single Door (21″x21″x69″) – $999

###Also we can make any special order ###

** 6 months manufacture Warranty on other parts**