Single Garage Metal Shed with side entry 12(W) x19 (L) x 9.5(H)

  • $2,999.00

Shelter CAEL Double Garage Metal Shed: A versatile and durable solution for garage, workshop, and storage needs.  it offers weather protection, and perfect for parking cars, motorcycles, and more.


29-gauge galvanized corrugated metal sheet panels

Sloped gable roof to prevent snow and water build-up

16-gauge primary support frame

Reinforced roof supports, wall bracings, and anchors

Side entry door included and designed for optional installation on both sides

Self-tap screw-together assembly

Anchoring: L-shape installation brackets with sleeve anchor bolts

Foundation required: concrete slabs or equivalent

Assembly required: 2 skilled handy persons for 2 to 3 days

Color: cream




Assembled size: 12’(W) x 19’(L) x 9.5’(H)

Floor space: approx. 228 sq. ft

Peak height: 9.5’

Eave height: 8.2’

Each door opening: 100”(W) x 88”(H)

Side entry door: 3’(W) x 6.5’(H)

Steel frames: 16-gauge

Metal sheet panels: 29-gauge

Snow load: 30 PSF (reference only)

Wind load: 75 MPH (reference only)