Tandem Vibratory Rollers Drum Compactor (VR-700a)

  • $9,499.00

Tandem vibratory rollers are widely used in the compaction of asphalt, compaction of gravel, compaction of lawns, playgrounds, sand, and other basic projects.

This vibratory roller features vertical vibration and high compaction efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for municipal departments to carry out road construction.

Key Specification:

Model: VR-700a

Brand: CAEL

Net Weight: 865kg

Static line load: before 55N/cm

Warranty: 1 year (all parts)


Front Steel Wheel: 560 x 700 mm

Rear Steel Wheel: 430 x 600 mm

Package Size: 1850 x 840 x 1200 mm

Minimum Turning Radius: 1350 mm


Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton (USA engine )

Output Power: 8.2 Kw

Walking Characteristics

Walking Speed: 0-6 Km/H

Grade Ability: 30%

Walking Method: Bidirectional hydraulic

Vibration System 

Hydraulic Drive Vibration Frequency: 70 Hz

Exciting force: 35 KN

Vibration Amplitude: 0.6 mm


Water tank capacity: 15 L

Fuel tank capacity: 15 L