Three-Level Parking lift (2.5T / 2.7T)

CAEL parking lift for three cars is a versatile and efficient solution for maximizing parking space. The system consists of two separate 4-post car parking lifts, one external and one internal, allowing for independent operation and flexible use. The inclusion of foldable ramps caters to various vehicle types, including sports cars, while optimizing space utilization.


2.5T $10,000+Tax
2.7T $11,000+Tax


  • Dual Lift System: Two 4-post car parking lifts are seamlessly integrated, offering flexibility with one external and one internal unit.
  • Independent Operation: The lifts operate independently, providing the option to use them separately based on specific parking needs.
  • Foldable Ramps: Versatile design with foldable ramps ensures compatibility with different vehicle types, including sports cars, and minimizes space requirements.
  • Hydraulic Driven Cylinder: The lifting mechanism is powered by a hydraulic-driven cylinder, enhancing reliability and efficiency.
  • Wire Rope Lifting System: Utilizes a wire rope lifting system through sheaves for smooth and controlled lifting.
  • Double Safety Locks: Each lift incorporates a dual safety lock system, including a one-piece adjustable safety lock ladder and an automatic activation in case of steel wire breakage.
  • Automatic Locking System: Latches inside the ladders feature an automatic locking system, further enhancing safety.
  • Electromagnetic Lock Release: User-friendly push button on the operation box allows for an electromagnetic lock release, streamlining the parking process.
  • Secure and Efficient: Overall design prioritizes safety and efficiency, providing a secure solution for parking multiple vehicles.


Lifting capacity2.5T2.7T
Lifting Height70″70″
Post weight171″165″
Overall Platform width107″99″
Lock ReleaseElectric unlockElectric unlock
Operation ModeAutomatic (Push Button)Automatic (Push Button)
Rise/Drop Time70S / 60S70S / 60S
Power supply / Motor Capacity220V 1 Phase 50HZ220V 1 Phase 50HZ