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  • Aluminum Utility trailer 5×10 ft / 6×10 ft

    <div dir="auto">Prices :</div> <div dir="auto"></div> <div dir="auto">CAEL Aluminum Utility trailer 5x10 ft : $ 3,299+ TAX</div> <div dir="auto"></div> <div dir="auto">CAEL Aluminum Utility trailer 6x10 ft : $ 3,599 + TAX</div> <div dir="auto"></div>
  • Box trailer CAEL

    Brand new Box Trailer with warranty. At the lowest price in the market all over Canada and USA 100% customers satisfaction. Available in different size
  • CAEL Livestock Shed 19′ x 12′ x 10′

    CAEL Galvanized Metal Livestock Shed stands as a significant and practical addition to your hobby farm, acreage, or large-scale agricultural operations. It goes beyond mere shelter, offering a secure haven for your livestock in the field, ensuring their well-being and safeguarding them from the unpredictable elements. This thoughtfully designed structure provides a durable and reliable space for your animals to not only seek refuge but also feed comfortably, fostering their health and longevity. Crafted with precision from galvanized square tubing and corrugated metal sheet panels, this shed is more than just a shelter; it's a testament to longevity and robust construction. The choice of materials ensures resistance against corrosion and wear, promising enduring use in the challenging outdoor conditions of agricultural settings. As a result, you can rest assured that your investment in this livestock shed will yield long-lasting benefits, creating a stable and dependable environment for your animals for years to come. <strong>Features: </strong> <ul> <li>Galvanized corrugated metal sheet panels boast exceptional resistance to corrosion.</li> <li>The cleverly angled roof design effectively redirects moisture away from the structure.</li> <li>Employ with hay to furnish animals with constant warmth, comfort, and insulation throughout the year.</li> <li>Well-suited for tending to newborns, facilitating feeding, administering medication, and gradually introducing new members to the herd.</li> <li>Also serves as a storage solution for materials, tools, and equipment at diverse points on your property.</li> <li>The skid-mounted square tube base, coupled with an additional central support bar, elevates structural rigidity.</li> <li>Welding is imperative for all connection joints to ensure optimal durability and stability.</li> <li>Perfect for landholders with hobby farms, acreage, or agricultural enterprises supporting freely moving livestock.</li> <li>It is advisable to augment structural strength by incorporating a plywood lining.</li> </ul>    
  • CAEL Metal Barn/Warehouse Shed 43′ Length 20′ Height

    <strong>CAEL Metal Barn/Warehouse Shed Overview:</strong> The CAEL Metal Barn/Warehouse Shed presents a robust and versatile solution for your storage needs, combining durability with functional design. Engineered to endure challenging conditions, this series offers a range of features to safeguard your belongings while maintaining a sleek appearance. <ul> <li><strong>Innovative Panel Profile Design - </strong><span style="font-family: 'Open Sans';">Strengthens the entire structure & </span>Achieves an impressive wind speed rating of up to 100 MPH.</li> <li><strong>Reinforced Truss System - </strong><span style="font-family: 'Open Sans';">Provides superior strength to the roof. & </span>Ground snow load rating of 35 p.s.f ensures stability in snowy conditions.</li> <li><strong>Secure Key Lock Handle - </strong>Enhances security for valuable items stored inside.</li> <li><strong>Sectional Barn/Warehouse Roll-Up Door - </strong>Facilitates easy accessibility and convenience.</li> <li><strong>Premium Brushed Metal Hardware - </strong>Adds a touch of sophistication to the barn/warehouse's overall aesthetic.</li> <li></li> </ul> Experience the perfect blend of strength, reliability, and style with the CAEL Metal Barn/Warehouse Shed.
  • CAEL Portable Fuel Gasoline/Diesel Tank with Automatic Dispensing Nozzle For On-Site

    • Day Rate

      $1,250.00 / Day
    The CAEL Portable Fuel Gasoline Diesel Tank offers a convenient and efficient solution for on-site refueling. This portable tank is equipped with an automatic dispensing nozzle, providing quick and hassle-free fueling for gasoline and diesel. Ideal for various applications, this tank ensures mobility and ease of use, making on-site refueling a seamless process for your equipment or vehicles. <h5><b> </b></h5> <h5>Price:</h5> <h5>CAEL-D240 (220 Liters) - $1,250 + Tax</h5> <h5>CAEL-D480 (440 Liters) - $1,399 + Tax</h5> <h5>CAEL-D550 (500 Liters) - $1,650 + Tax</h5> <h5>CAEL-G240 (220 Liters) - $1,350 + Tax</h5> <h5>CAEL-G480 (440 Liters) - $1,550 + Tax</h5>
  • CAEL Two-way Plate Compactor

    • Day Rate

      $1,999.00 / Day
    Introducing the CAEL Two-way Gas Briggs Stratton Plate Compactor – a powerhouse backed by warranty and an EPA-certified engine. This versatile compactor is the go-to choice for small building foundations, diverse backfill construction, and precise earth foundation compaction. Designed to excel with materials featuring low adhesion and friction between rammed particles, it is especially effective for non-viscous sand. Experience remarkable compaction results, particularly with crushed stone. Elevate your construction efficiency with the reliability and performance of the CAEL Two-way Gas Briggs Stratton Plate Compactor.   <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Features: </strong></span> <ul> <li>Semi covered cage can protect steel plate from accidental site damage</li> <li>Adopt the independent hanging strong shock absorber to reduce improve the comfort of the operator.</li> <li>Can move forward and backward as needed, light and flexible, arbitrary switching</li> <li>Equipped with special moving hook, easy to turn</li> <li>The vibration floor is made of water-resitant steel plate, wear-resistant and anti-vibration, long service life and good compaction effect.</li> </ul>
  • Fully Weld Single Axle Trailer 6×4/7×4/7×5/8×4/8×5

    Brand new Single Axle Trailer with warranty. At the lowest price in the market all over Canada and USA 100% customers satisfaction. Available in different sizes
  • Fully Weld Tandem Trailer 8×5/10×5/10×6

    Brand new Fully Weld Tandem Trailer 8x5/10x5/10x6 with warranty. At the lowest price in the market all over Canada and USA 100% customers satisfaction. Trailer Sizes: CAEL 8x5 ft CAEL 10x5 ft CAEL 10x6 ft
  • Galvanized Dump Trailers Hydraulic Tipper trailer 10x5ft / 10x6ft / 12x5ft

    <div dir="auto">Prices :</div> <div dir="auto"></div> <div dir="auto">Galvanized Dump Trailers 10x5 ft : $ 7104 + TAX</div> <div dir="auto"></div> <div dir="auto">Galvanized Dump Trailers 10x6 ft : $ 7260 + TAX</div> <div dir="auto"></div> <div dir="auto">Galvanized Dump Trailers 12x5 ft : $7599 + TAX</div>
  • CAEL Access Ramp for Container

    Introducing our versatile 7-foot Container Ramp, meticulously crafted to accommodate both forklifts and hand trucks with ease. This ramp features a low-to-high design, providing a seamless transition for your equipment, whether you're utilizing a forklift or a hand truck.
  • 1-Post Mobile Lift SHP62 (2500 kg/5511.557 lbs)

    • Day Rate

      $4,199.00 / Day
    <table width="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>Style</strong></td> <td>1-Post Mobile Lift</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Weight Capacity</strong></td> <td>2500 kg/5511.557 lbs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Overall Width</strong></td> <td>51 in</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Overall Height</strong></td> <td>102.5 in</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Minimum Lift Height</strong></td> <td>3.7 in</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Maximum Lift Height</strong></td> <td>75 in</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>