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3 Wheel Electric Forklift 1.5T with side shift

  • $17,999.00

Capacity Load : 1.5T

– Brand : CAEL
Three Wheels counterbalance electric forklift
-AC Motor ,Curtis controller
-Load Capacity : 1500Kg (3300LBS)/ Lifting height 3500MM (138 in)
-with solid tires -Side Shifter
-Load center:500mm/19.6 in
-Wheel base:1250mm/ 49 in
-Wheels: 2 *Front Wheels . 2 *driving Wheels
-Front wheel base :850mm/ 33.4 in
-Driving wheels base :190mm/ 7.4 in
-Max Lifting Height : 3000mm/ 118 in,Standard
duplex mast. -Free lift Height :150mm/ 6 in
-Overall dimension : 2700mm(with forklength)*980mm*2100mm (106*38.5*82.6 in)
(with fram height )
-Ground clearance : 10mm/ 0.3 in
-Fork Positioner:200-950mm/ 7.8-37.4 in
-Min.Turing raduis:1600mm/ 63 in
-Channel width ,with 1000*1200mm (39*47 in) tray : 3250mm (128 in)
-Channel width ,with 800*1200mm (31.4*47 in) tray : 3150mm (124 in)
-Max .Gradeaility (Loaden/unload):15/20 %
-Steering type : Hydraulic pressure
-Battery :48V/260Ah
-Travelling speed (Loaden/unload):8/10 Km/h
-Lifting Speed (load/unload):240V/450 mm/s