CAEL-FZM400A Light Towers


CAEL New Light Towers

The CAEL New Light Towers are designed to provide efficient, high-intensity lighting for various applications, ensuring safety and visibility in any environment. These portable light towers are easy to transport and set up, featuring durable construction and eco-friendly power options. They offer reliable performance and long continuous working hours, making them ideal for construction sites, events, and emergency situations.

Technical Parameters

Lighting Equipment
– **Generator Type:** PB3300
– **Rated Voltage:** 110V, 60Hz
– **Continuous Working Time:** 13 hours
– **Fuel Tank Capacity:** 12.5L
– **Power per Lamp:** 400W*2 Metal Halide Lamps / 200W*2 LED
– **Lamp Frame:** 4 sections elevating
– **Elevating Height:** 1800-4800mm
– **Anti-Slope Capability:** <10°
– **Anti-Wind Capability:** <6°
– **Walk Type:** Hand push type
– **Net Weight:** 165kg