Light Towers CAEL-FZM1000B


CAEL New Light Tower – Model FZM1000B

The CAEL FZM1000B New Light Tower is engineered to provide efficient and powerful illumination in various settings, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety. This portable light tower is designed for ease of transportation and quick setup, featuring sturdy construction and environmentally friendly power options. It excels in applications such as construction sites, events, and emergency situations, delivering consistent performance over extended periods.

Technical Specifications:

Lighting Equipment

  • Generator Type: PB7000
  • Generator: 6.5kW Zongshen Generator
  • Rated Voltage: 110V
  • Continuous Operating Time: 13 hours
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 12.5L
  • Lamp Power: 1000W4 Metal Halide Lamps / 400W4 LED
  • Lamp Frame: 4 sections elevating
  • Elevating Height: 2000-5000mm
  • Anti-Slope Capability: <10°
  • Anti-Wind Capability: <6°
  • Mobility: Hand push type
  • Net Weight: 230kg

Key Features

High-efficiency lighting for a variety of applications.
Easy to transport and set up.
Low maintenance and high durability.
Fuel-efficient and eco-friendly options.
Adjustable height and sturdy construction for versatile use.