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Dumper crawler truck track carrier dumper 3T

  • $30,499.00


*** mini dumper 3T Kubota Engine ***

engine : Kubota 1505 diesel engine 26.5HP, EPA

Start method : Electric start

body weight : 1520KG

Frame structure : Roller frame type

gearbox : GL-70 CVT

gear : High and low speed/left and right commutation

Self-unloading method : Hydraulic self-unloading, one way manual valve, Independent oil pump

Maximum load on the ground : 3500KG

Maximum Slope Capacity: 2400 KG

top speed : 4.5 KM

walking minimum speed : 2.5 KM

Obstacle crossing ability : Maximum40 ^ (>40 degrees) Obstacles with a vertical height of 20cm

wading depth : 45cm

Crawler model350×90×5215

Track ground length: 1670mm16

Body size2200×1500×600mm

Vehicle size3460 * 1550 * 1650mm