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Mini Excavator 2 Ton With Kubota Engine with Cab

  • $22,550.00

Finance Available: Brand new 2021 Mini excavator 2 ton with Kubota engine EPA certified at the lowest price in the market all over Canada and USA 100% customers satisfaction


Brand : CAEL

Total Weight: 2000 KG

Engine : Kubota

Digging Radius :4050mm

Digging Depth : 2100mm

Digging Height 3580 mm

Grade-ability : 35%

Grounding Clearance: 170mm

Total Length :3585mm

Total Width :1100mm

Total height: 2362mm

Rated Power: 18.5 Hp

Travel Speed : 0-4.5KM/h

1 Year Warranty on all parts

2years warranty on engine