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Portable Toilets With Double Closestools

  • $4,950.00

Cael 2 Private Stalls Portable Restroom is the perfect solution for any construction site or outdoor event. It features two separate stalls, each with a toilet, sink, light, and extractor, providing a full-service restroom experience similar to a bathroom in your own home. With this portable restroom booth, you can ensure that your guests have access to a clean and comfortable restroom facility, no matter where they are. This product is perfect for any outdoor event, from weddings to festivals, and will provide your guests with the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having a private restroom.

If this Cael 2 Private Toilet Stalls Portable Restroom is used on a construction site, we recommend you connect toilets to the sanitary sewer system and connect water to the pipe system. If not, you may need tanks outside the structure for waste.

Set up

  • If it’s a concrete floor, please use twist-n-lock anchors on 4 corners of the portable restroom, and use wire rope to connect the anchor and top corner of the portable restroom.
  • If it’s a soil floor, please use 20 inches – 28 inches ground nail on 4 corners and use wire rope to connect the anchor and top corner of the portable restroom.


  • •Model Number: 110V Public Restroom with Double Close Stool
  • •Material: High-Temperature Resistant Paint
  • •Floor Material: Rigid PVC board
  • •Wall Material: Internal UV board, with a layer of plywood on the outside
  • •Door: Security Door
Product Dimension 2075mm*1320mm*2350mm/6.81’*4.33’*7.71′
Product Weight 480kg/1056lbs
Indoor Area 2.12m2/22.81ft2
Indoor Height 2125mm/6.97′
Door Size 1960mm*840mm/6.43’*2.76′
Frame material Steel
Wall material EPS
Floor material PVC
Ceiling material PVC
Pipe material Inlet: PPR

Outlet: PVC

Electricity facilities Switch, LED Panel, Exhaust Fan
Bathroom equipment Toilet, Sink
Package Size Package Weight
2.08m*1.32m*2.34m/82″*51″*92″ 480kg/1056lbs