CAEL Single Toilet (MTP1)

  • $1,899.00

100% recyclable environmental protection materials: All products are made of linear non-polymer PE material which is harmless to human body and environment.


Long service life: exterior wall anti UV, anti aging. Whether it is windy, rainy or hot sun exposure can ensure bright colors and overall firm. PE high strength, good tensile performance, good toughness, good anti-impact performance, hammer resistance.




Signs for men or women

-Sign Green is available/red is unavailable

Universal triangle lock

The door handle

Ventilation setting

Four strong hinges

-The other side of the door is equipped with a mirror, hook, tissue holder, switch lock


Cael single toilet (MTP1) is suitable for the site without water and drainage, Independent water storage tank, Sewage storage tank. Very convenient!

only requiring manual water injection, fecal suction or connection to the drainage.

Hand-washing water can be reused to flush the toilet, saving the water resource.

Toilet : They are anti-rust, anti-acid and anti-alkali, anti-mildew .Floor non-slip, Strong and durable.


Hand-washing Instructions :

First, unscrew the lid and add the water into the sink. Then Step on the black pump and wash your hands easily.

Sewage storage tank

The bottom storage space is divided into two parts. The upper part stores flushing water and used hand-washing water, the lower part stores sewage.

Flush tank capacity 160 L

The hand washing tank is 130 L and the toilet flushing tank is 390 L. In total,

520 L are used for flushing.

The hand-washing tank is 130 L

Unscrew the black lid and add water into the sink.

Sewage outlet

Where there is a sewerage system, it can be directly connected to the sewerage system without regular cleaning.

Exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe from the bottom to the roof, safe and deodorant.

Forklift transport

Support for forklift, pallet jack, truck transportation