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Rock Bucket for Skid Steer

  • $2,570.00

Cael  Skid Steer Rock Bucket is the perfect attachment for your skid steer loader. With its adjustable tine spacing, it can easily separate rocks and debris from construction sites, pastures, fields, and more, while leaving the soil behind. The 2.5” tine spacing also keeps bricks in the attachment for easier cleanup. This rock bucket is designed to make your job easier and faster, allowing you to rake, pile, and load rocks with ease. Invest in the Cael Skid Steer Rock Bucket today and make your job easier!


  • •The space between tines decide the retained rock/stones size
  • •2.5″ tine spacing keeps bricks in the attachment for easier cleanup in worksites
  • •Designed to rake, pile and load rock easier and quicker
  • Specification

  Working Width Operating width Tine Spacing 
66‘’ 66‘’ 66‘’ 2.5”
72‘’ 72‘’ 72‘’ 2.5”
78‘’ 78‘’ 78‘’ 2.5”
84‘’ 84‘’ 84‘’ 2.5”

Packaging size 


L*W*H(inch) Weight(lb)
66” 87x30x27 494
72” 87x30x27 523
78” 87x30x27 554
84” 87x30x27 580