CAEL Mobile Bathroom Trailer

  • $13,999.00

Mobile bathroom trailers are portable restroom facilities designed for events, construction sites, and temporary locations. They offer amenities such as toilets, sinks, and sometimes showers, providing a more comfortable and hygienic experience than traditional portable toilets. These trailers are easily transportable and may come with luxury options, emphasizing cleanliness, accessibility, and water/waste management. They find use in various settings, from upscale events to construction projects, addressing the need for temporary, convenient restroom solutions.


Standard Accessories:

  • Toilet
  • Basin
  • Towel dispenser
  • Toilet paper roller
  • Skylight
  • Mirror
  • Window
  • 12V Pump
  • LDE Light



Product Dimensions:

Toilet size: 95.47 x 50 x 86

Trailer size: 165 x 84 x 118

Weight: 1873.93 LBS


Material: HDPE; Steel; iron

Color: Customized color

Transportation: 2 units/ 20GP; 4 units/ 40HQ

Optional Accessories:

  • Urinal
  • Shower
  • Solar Power System