Zero Turn Excavator 3.5 Ton With Swing Boom, AC and Hydraulic Thumb (EX35ZT)

  • $41,399.00

Presenting the revolutionary Zero Turn Excavator 3.5 Ton, now featuring a swing boom, AC and hydraulic thumb, unlocking unmatched precision and productivity in your projects.

* Operating Weight: 3515KG
* Bucket Capacity: 0.09 m3
* Bucket Width: 520/470mm

* Brand: Kubota V 1505 / Yanmar 388F
* Power: 18.5KW
* Cylinder Number: 4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke
* Ground Pressure (KPa): 28 (0.2)
* Bucket Excavating Force (KN) ISO: 26.5 KN
* Volume of Fuel Tank: 40L

* Length * Width * Height: 448515502440mm
* Track Length: 2100mm
* Height of Bulldozer Blade: 335mm
* Track Width: 300mm
* Track Center Distance: 2100mm
* Min. Ground Clearance: 290mm

Performance Specifications:
* Maximum Excavating Height (mm): 4600 mm
* Maximum Unloading Height (mm): 3175 mm
* Maximum Digging Depth (mm): 2880 mm
* Maximum Vertical Wall Excavating Depth (mm): 2305mm
* Maximum Excavation Distance: 4965 mm
* Maximum Excavation Ground Distance: 4845 mm
* Minimum Radius of Gyration of Front Section: 2035 mm
* Minimum Radius of Gyration at Rear End: 790 mm
* Maximum Bulldozing Height: 360 mm
* Maximum Bulldozing Depth: 340 mm
* Minimum Radius of Gyration at Rear End: 790 mm

Elevate your projects with the Zero Turn Excavator 3.5 Ton. With its swing boom and hydraulic thumb, it redefines efficiency and precision in excavation. This machine is your ultimate partner for tackling tasks with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Experience the future of excavation today!