CAEL Hands-free Portable Washing Station

  • $1,350.00

A brand new CAEL  hands-free portable washing station is a plastic, portable hand wash sink equipped with a waste tank. This innovative and convenient unit allows users to wash their hands without touching any surfaces, making it especially useful in situations where hygiene is a top priority, such as outdoor events, construction sites, or temporary facilities. The integrated waste tank collects used water, ensuring proper disposal and environmental compliance. This portable hand wash sink provides a practical solution for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation on the go.



1) Foot operated, hands free;

2) Big water tank; can be used in somewhere without running water;

3) Big grey water tank; save service cost.

4) Featured 2 x soap dispenser and 2 x paper towel dispenser. 






Material:HDPE; rolomoding plastic
Size:31 X 18.75 x 50
Toilet type:N/A
Independent Capacity:85L
Waste holding tank Capacity:90L
Hand washing facility?YES
Accessories:faucet; foot pumps for hand washing; liquid soap dispenser; paper towel box; valve for waste tank