CAEL Mobile Frame Machine (FRM23-05)

  • $10,999.00

Mobile Framing Machine


1. Freedom place: overall mobile equipment

2. Most vehicles widely: most pavement vehicles are applicable

3. Efficient and fast: Combination of body fixed way, pulling tower position adjust at will

4. Easy operation: fixed quickly, work without blind spots

5. Hydraulic system: powerful, long service life, convenient for maintenance and low-cost;

6. Precision clamp: more firmly locked automobile chassis, durable, easy to replace.




Platform Length: 137.8″

Platform Width: 82″

Platform Height: 78″


Hydraulic Pressure: 70Mpa (10000 psi)

Post Max. Tension:10T

Post Working Range: 360 Degree

Pneumatic Pressure Range: 0.8 Mpa

Max. Lifting Power: 7716.20LBS / 3500KG

Total Weight: 1168.45LBS  / 530KG

Package: Wood Box and Cardboard, about 1CBM


Standard Tools List


Main Clamp2Short Chain1
Main Clamp Base2Chain Protection Base1
Main Clamp Spanner1Square Universal Clamp1
Oil Hydraulic Cylinder1Big Wide Clamp1
Oil Pipe1Boltless Strut Tower Puller1
Air Pump1Small and Box Clamp1 each
Universal Wheel8Double Chain Harrow1
Drag Down Device1Steel Hook2
Small and Big Hook1 eachNylon Belt1
3.5m Chain with Hook1Steel Wire Rope1