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Mini Excavator 3.5T Swing Boom, Hydraulic Thumb, and Heat Included

  • $32,499.00


Bucket capacity(m3): 0.1m3

Traveling speed (km/h): 2.7km/h

Slew speed (r/min): 10r/min

Swing angle: 360o

Gradeability (%): 30o

Ground pressure (KPa): 35Mpa

Bucket excavating force (KN) ISO: 22.19KN

Volume of fuel tank (L): 20L


Length * Width * Height: 164.6*59*86.6in

Width of bulldozer blade (extension/contraction): 59in

Height of bulldozer blade: 8.27in

Track center distance: 70.8in

Distance from turning center to track tail: 53in

Standard track shoe width: 9.8in

Min. ground clearance: 9.5in

Standard bucket width (with/without edge teeth: 22.4/19.7in

Track length: 90.5

Wheel spacing: 80.7in

Performance Specifications

Maximum excavating height(mm): 153.5in

Maximum unloading height(mm): 102.4in

‘Maximum digging depth(mm): 98.4in

Maximum vertical wall excavating depth(mm): 92.5in

Maximum excavation distance: 159in

Maximum excavation ground distance: 216in

Minimum radius of gyration of front section: 35in

Minimum radius of gyration at rear end: 51in

Maximum bulldozing height: 16in

Maximum bulldozing depth: 15.7in


A/C Unit: $1,200