Mini Skid Steer with Tracks (14HP-B&S Engine)

  • $7,899.00



Engine: Briggs and Stratton (B&S)

10KW (13.5HP) engine power
Rotating Speed: 3600 rpm
Noise (Db): <95
Hydraulic System:

Pressure (Mpa): 17
Working Time (s):
Raise: 4 seconds
Dump: 1.3 seconds
Lower: 3.2 seconds
Key Features:

Operational Load: 573.2 lbs
Bucket Capacity: 3 cubic feet
Max Lifting Force: 661.39 lbs
Travel Speed: 3.73 miles per hour
Operating Weight: 1410 lbs
Dimensions and Performance:

Max Working Height (H3): 98.58 inches
Max Pin Height (H2): 76.81 inches
Max Dumping Height (H1): 56.02 inches
Max Dumping Distance (E): 3.94 inches
Max Dumping Angle (a3): 53°
Rollback of Bucket on Ground (a2): 32°
Departure Angle (a1): 17°
Total Height (H): 47.64 inches
Ground Clearance (F): 5.26 inches
Wheel Base (L1): 25.71 inches
Overall Length without Bucket (L3): 61.1 inches
Total Width (B2): 33 inches
Bucket Width (B1): 37 inches
Total Length with Bucket (L): 78.43 inches
Turn Radius Forward Turning (R): 47.44 inches

*2years warranty on motor *

*1year Warranty on all parts*